AeroMexico’s New Ad Trolls The Border Wall Debate With Mexican ‘DNA Discounts’

As the longest-running government shutdown in United States history has entered its 27th day, President Trump refuses to budge until House Democrats fully agree to fund his border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border with no exceptions. Meanwhile, Mexico is still having a laugh at the notion that they would pay for Trump’s wall — which obviously turned out not to be the case, whatsoever. And now, a new commercial from AeroMexico, the largest airline in the country, is likewise having some fun with American anti-Mexico sentiments.

The beginning of the ad (produced by Ogilvy) notes that while Mexico’s first travel destination is America, America’s first destination is not Mexico. As such, they traveled to the small town of Wharton, Texas, to ostensibly survey real Americans on why they don’t consider it as someplace to travel to.

The general reaction can probably be best summed up by the fourth local encounter that went as follows: “Do you like tequila?” “Yes.” ‘”Do you like burritos?” “Yes.” “Do you like Mexico? No!”

But then, the ad notes in a Shyamalan twist, that since Mexican immigration can be tracked by as far as the 1800s, there’s a good chance that many folks — particularly those whose families have lived along the southern border for generations — probably have lineage that can be tracked back to Mexico.

As such, they tested their participants (which may or may not have been actors, but the point is neither here not there), offering discount flights to Mexico based on the percentage of DNA that came back as Mexican. So the more Mexican they are, the voice-over explained, the more discount they get.

“That’s bullshit!” erupted one clearly distinguished gentleman upon learning that he’s 22 percent Mexican, before pivoting when he learns of the discount. “Come on. Seriously? Is that for real? So what if I want to take my wife?”

To little surprise, the ad was heavily praised on Twitter:

Say what you will, but it makes a convincing argument. Except maybe just don’t drink the water.