After This Animal Hoarder Died, His Pets Proceeded To Feast On His Corpse Because Duh

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Jerry Brown, an old man and animal hoarder, was found dead in his mobile home in Arizona this week. While authorities haven’t yet confirmed the cause of death, no matter the rhyme or reason it seems Brown’s many critters were more than happy to see their ruthless captor finally meet his demise.

Not long after his passing, the 50+ cats in the house began to chow down on his corpse. Poetic justice, anyone?

A 78-year-old man described as an animal hoarder has been found dead in his Wittmann mobile home and authorities say he was partially eaten by his pets.

Maricopa County sheriff’s officials said the body of Jerry Brown was discovered Tuesday morning and he likely died about a week ago.

Neighbor Robert Halstead said he found Brown dead on the bed. Halstead said he hadn’t seen Brown in a week and he became concerned.

“When I went up to the house the smell was overwhelming,” said Halstead, who had never been in the house before. “There’s 50 to 75 cats. There’s feces on the ground, anywhere from 6 inches to a foot deep.”

Halstead said he could not recognize Brown because the body was so decomposed. He also said there was a gun lying on the bed beside him.

“You couldn’t tell if he had inflicted any wounds on himself or died of natural causes,” said Halstead.
No cause of death has been determined.

Every room of the home was filled with boxes from floor to ceiling, according to Halstead.

I can’t tell what’s worse — being eaten by the creatures you hoarded, or dying and going undiscovered because your house is full of hoarded trash?

Via AZ Family/3TV News

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