‘Agent Carter’ Adds A ‘White Collar’ Star To The Cast

You might remember Bridget Regan from White Collar or seen her in John Wick. But you’re about to know her a whole lot better as a naive farm girl Peggy Carter will have to mentor in Marvel’s upcoming limited series.

As reported by Deadline, Regan is joining the cast as a farm girl from Iowa who will “have a huge impact on the life of Agent Carter.” Hopefully this doesn’t mean she’ll get bumped off in the final episode, but we wouldn’t put money down on that. Regan joins a cast that includes Lyndsy Fonseca as a woman running away from her father’s increasingly convoluted and boring stories and Nucky’s brother as Carter’s nominal boss.

Interestingly, they are going with an un-superhero narrative. By day, Agent Carter is basically a glorified secretary because the men are home and thus she gets screwed out of a job, while by night she’s knocking out HYDRA agents and retrieving stolen superweapons. Really, all she needs is a mask, which we’re sure will appear at some point. We’ll find out come January 6th, when Agent Carter debuts.