‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Introduces Us To Its Team In New Trailer

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07.17.13 17 Comments


Agents of SHIELD will be arriving September 24th, and the hype machine is revving up for it. They’ve been introducing the “agents” every week, with brief trailers, and the two we’ve seen so far are fairly revealing in some ways.

Most recently we got a look at Fitz and Simmons, the science team… and they’re kinda creepy! No, seriously, we’ve got practically a Lutece Twins level of “uncomfortably close sibling” here, even though they’re not siblings. Also proof that, in some ways, Joss Whedon hasn’t changed.

Yep, that hammer bit was Joss Whedon all the way. As for the guy getting his communicator smashed to bits by nerds, he’s Agent Ward, the muscle and the straight man of the piece:

It’s nice to see that dying hasn’t made Coulson any less adorable. Also, we’re pretty sure that, at the end there, that’s Wesley Wyndham-Price getting his butt kicked, although YouTube’s refusal to let us scroll through frame by frame, and Marvel’s refusal to upload anything above 240 in resolution, means we can’t confirm it.

There are also some tidbits that, if you pay attention, you can put together. J. August Richards, who’s playing either Luke Cage or Rage, apparently has somebody after him with what appears to be a bunch of Kirbyesque technology, and he’s going to be spending a lot of his time on screen showing off that super-strength; he leaps tall buildings in a single bound in the trailer.

All in all, it’s some interesting stuff, but it’s a little low-key. We’ll be curious to see the show itself in action… and the rest of the cast.

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