Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That: 10 Examples Of Why Sweet Brown Is The Internet’s Best Reaction GIF

Sweet Brown and her lack of time for bronchitis dramatically entered our lives just a few short months ago and not a day has gone by where my outlook hasn’t been altered by her refreshing take on life’s obstacles.

I’m happy to report that her legacy lives on in what has quietly become the best reaction GIF on the internet. As exampled above in reaction to some terrible line from some terrible Zac Efron movie, when used properly, it’s almost too perfect. Hell, even when used improperly it’s just about perfect. Here are a handful more of my favorite examples. I encourage all of you to go forward, putting people in their place on the internet, with the gospel of Sweet Brown.

Above via The Clearly Dope. The majority of the rest (two juxtaposed by me) via #Aint+Nobody+Got+Time+For+That.