This Korean Airline Executive Probably Regrets Throwing A Temper Tantrum Over A Bag Of Nuts

A South Korean airline executive became famous in a bad way this week for throwing the mother of all temper tantrums over a bag of nuts. The incident, now dubbed the “nut rage,” caused trouble worldwide. From Al-Jazeera:

She was angered when a flight attendant in first class offered her macadamia nuts in a bag, not on a plate. The crew member was ordered off the plane, forcing it to return to the gate at John F Kennedy airport in New York City. The flight bound for South Korea was delayed by 20 minutes due to the incident.

Now the executive’s father, the chairman of Korean Airlines, has put his daughter in a serious time out.  A few days after the incident occurred, the steward came forward, telling a Korean TV station that Ms. Cho forced him to kneel and apologize to the passengers in first class before hitting him multiple times with a folder, calling him names and kicking him off the aircraft.

Well if there’s one thing Daddy Cho hates, it’s bad press. The chairman gave a speech on live TV apologizing for his daughter’s childish behavior and explaining that she had been stripped of all of her former titles:

I failed to raise her properly.

The foot is down, the foot is down!

(Via The New York Times)