This Rams Player Smacked Down A Russell Wilson Supporter With A Perfect Tweet

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As you might have heard, the Rams upset the Seahawks in their Week 1 season-opening match-up in St. Louis on Sunday. The thrilling game needed to be decided in overtime, and Seattle ultimately lost when they ran the ball and were stopped on a fourth and short. Maybe they should have run a slant instead.

After the game, a lot of people — including the Rams’ own official Twitter account — poked fun at Russell Wilson, who sent out this ill-advised tweet prior to the game.

At face value, that tweet looks like Wilson was predicting a victory for the ‘Hawks in their opening game, but it was actually Wilson repeating Seattle’s mantra as a team this season: Go 1-0 every week.

Regardless, Rams linebacker Akeem Ayers decided to lay an extra licking on Wilson following his team’s big win, talking some trash at the quarterback on Twitter after the final whistle.

That’s when a Wilson supporter decided to jump in and defend Russell’s honor, sending this siiiiick burn back in Ayers’ direction.

Although it was a bold display of support for the quarterback, it was also quite misinformed and ignorant. Ayers was a member of last year’s New England Patriots championship squad, who beat Wilson’s Seahawks to take home the Lombardi Trophy. So, yes, Ayers’ finger also has a ring on it, buddy. Do you need proof? Here’s proof.

And that, my friends, is how you silence the critics.

(Via @recordsANDradio)

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