AKNITomy: Amazing Knitted Dissected Animals

Go back to a simpler time, when you had acne and dissected small animals in biology class to learn about their bodies. Sure these knitted skin, guts and fur don’t smell like formaldehyde, but they have the added bonus of not decaying. Maybe these could double as a biology project for a hippy kid who doesn’t want to cut open actual creatures. AKNITomy makes all kinds of small knitted animals, keep clicking to checkout our favorites.

Knitted Lab Rat $95

Knitted Biology 101 in a Dissection Trey $105

OOAK Knitted Dissected Alligator $125

Knitted Fetal Pig Biology Project $105

Knitted Earthworm Dissection $25

The Easter Bunny Donated His Body To Science $125

Knitted Dissected Bat Specimen $115