Alan Moore Greets Occupy V Masks Head-On, Awkward or Inspiring?

Despite how other graphic novelists may feel, Alan Moore has made it apparent that he doesn’t mind the whole Occupy Movement thing. Hell, some could say he’s downright fascinated with the correlation between his V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask and the Occupy Movement. And for that very reason, until now, he never actually journeyed into the crowd. A local news station followed as Moore entered an Occupy London demonstration and got face to face with V personally. And don’t you worry, this Occupier is sure to make everyone epic face palm around the 1:52 mark. When asked by Alan Moore what the mask had to do with the movement, his response was:

“The whole, um, like character is, ah, very relevant to what we’re doing at the moment, because, ah, we’re going against a system which we feel is corrupt and, um, and ah, so we’re doing the same kind of thing as…what happened in the movie.”

Alan, I spear to God that you’ve got intelligent fans under 30…

just give us one more chance!?

Alan Moore segment after the jump:

[via BleedingCool]