Alan Moore Launches A Video Game And An Energy Drink

Alan Moore has always been a surprisingly good writer across all media. Take a moment, for example, to read through Top 10, his book about superheroic police, and find the songs; he writes lyrics that perfectly flow with the genre, whether it’s disco or gangsta rap. You could take his “scrapper” music, set it to a beat, and it’d work.

So his writing of a video game is attention-getting, especially as it’ll be controversial by design. But of course, this being Alan Moore, it’s substantially weirder than that sentence suggests.

This takes a little explaining. First revealed in a Q&A reported on by Bleeding Cool after a screening of the series of short films Moore wrote that feature, of course, terrifying clowns, the game’s called Escapism. What it’s about is hinted at in the movies, insofar as British tabloids seem to hate it. That’s not saying much; for all we know, they may hate it because there’s an immigrant in it.

An energy drink being featured in the movie is also being produced. They’re called Fuel Rods, and have longer and thinner cans. Oh, and the drink is bright green. If I were a snarky person, I would point out that for somebody incredibly grouchy over the fact that his work has been adapted and merchandised, Grumpy Cat’s human avatar doesn’t seem to mind terribly when it’s his idea. That said, there’s probably going to be intense interest in Escapism, and we’ll be curious to see who builds a game around Moore’s script.