Alan Moore Clarifies, ‘I’m Not The Northampton Clown, But It Might Be My Fault’

The delightfully crotchety Alan Moore — who wrote comics like The Watchmen and V for Vendetta when he wasn’t busy with his Mall Santa / Rasputin impersonation duties — spoke to the Northampton Herald And Post to clarify something we were all wondering about. Does the creepy guy wandering around Alan Moore’s town of Northampton dressed like Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s IT have anything to do with Moore’s film project The Show (which has an evil clown in it)?

The whole interview’s interesting, but here’s the part where Alan Moore clarifies that he’s not the Northampton Clown.

“No it’s not me. I am getting kind of used to this. After having a comic strip I wrote 30 years ago spewing masked anarchists across the global political stage for the past couple of years. [Ed.- referring to Guy Fawkes masks used by Anonymous] Things that I write do have a tendency to spill into reality. Since that was one of the principles behind Jimmy’s End [an episode in The Show] — to blur the boundaries between one and the other — I suppose that getting clowns manifesting in my neighbourhood is only to be expected.” [NH&P via Nerdcore]

This can only mean the next logical step is a genetically-engineered giant squid attacking New York City, or perhaps Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will become real and throw some wild lesbian sex parties. We’re hoping it’s the latter.