Alan Moore to Contribute to “Occupy Comics”

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12.08.11 2 Comments

Hard on the heels of punting Frank Miller for a field goal over Miller’s boneheaded comments about the Occupy movement, Alan Moore has announced he’ll be contributing a prose piece to “Occupy Comics”. The Kickstarter project (already over twice its goal) will get a prose piece about the Occupy movement’s morals with some spot illustrations and presumably a drawing of Moore punching out Marv or something.

Oh, and David Lloyd is involved too, meaning it’s a big ol’ “V for Vendetta” reunion!

Aside from Moore, Occupy actually has a fairly impressive talent list: Ryan Ottley, Mike Allred, Shannon Wheeler, Ben Templesmith, Darick Robertson…basically a lot of comics from a lot of cool people. And, apparently, shelling out of the Kickstarter will be the only way to get it.

The money, of course, goes to the Occupiers, who are about to face some pretty nasty weather.

We’re eagerly anticipating Miller’s “Stomp Hippies Comics” any day now.

[ via the Occupy 616ers at Comics Alliance ]

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