Never Forget The Time Alan Rickman Pranked Everyone In ‘Harry Potter’ With A Fart Machine

Alan Rickman was taken from the world far too soon when he succumbed to cancer this week at the age of 69. The countless people he’s touched through his acting are coming forward and penning touching tributes to Alan Rickman the man, but most of the world will remember him as Hans Gruber, plummeting to his doom from Nakatomi Plaza, or as the voice of God. Rickman’s most famous role, however, was Severus Snape – Harry Potter’s lifelong rival and dude who knew his way around a potions pantry.

Daniel Radcliffe has made it known how much Alan Rickman meant to him as a mentor and, eventually, peer, but in all of the retrospectives, there’s been no mention of the infamous fart machine prank Rickman and Dumbledore actor Michael Gambon orchestrated on the set of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. That changes now. Alan Rickman would’ve wanted it this way.

In the video above, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint recall the time when Rickman hid a remote controlled fart machine in Radcliffe’s pillow during the scene in which the student body of Hogwarts is hiding from the threat of Sirius Black. Keep an eye on Gambon’s right hand where you can see him control the constant stream of flatulence. Then watch Alan Rickman lose it after fart number one.

It’s nice to know Alan Rickman enjoyed a good fart joke.