Alan Thicke Is Pretty Certain Bill Cosby Was A ‘Bad Boy’

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’80s TV dad wars! In an interview with the Toronto Star, Alan Thicke spoke out against Bill Cosby, saying, “There is no doubt in my mind Bill Cosby was a bad boy.” Which, if he truly feels the allegations are valid, would seem to be quite an understatement indeed.

“When there’s that much conversation. When there’s that much smoke, there must be some fire,” said Thicke in an interview with the Star. “I’m sure that Bill must have been a bad boy. I think the issue will be to what degree.”

While Thicke says there is no doubt in his mind of Cosby’s actions, he maintains he witnessed only aprofessional behavior.

Still, Thicke says, “In my history with Bill, I saw absolutely nothing of the controversy around him now. I just saw a guy who was doing his job. When I first met Bill his show was in some trouble ratings wise and ABC brought me in to try and get the ratings up. So we have history together.”

Thicke says trying to figure out exactly what happened over the passage of time will be difficult, as it will be in determining the legitimacy of all the allegations.

“I have trouble in where do you draw the line between consent and rape. Where you have cases of someone going back for the third or first time. When did you get your first clue he wasn’t right? It’s such a serious issue, I wish I could trust the veracity of all the complaints.”

Thank you to Jason Seaver for his thoughts on this sensitive matter. We look forward to the rape culture opinions of Danny Tanner, Mr. Drummond and both of My Two Dads.

Source: The Toronto Star