Hero Priest Caught Driving Drunk While Armed And Carrying Marijuana

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04.02.14 7 Comments

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Father Sean P. Thomson, 52, a priest with the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska, was charged with a DUI in addition to misdemeanor drugs and weapons offenses after he was pulled over last week driving under the influence while carrying guns and marijuana. This sounds like the plot of a badass sounding movie. It’s about time a priest gets caught for something cool instead of the usual touching kids stuff.

Thomson was driving a blue 2002 GMC Sierra pickup truck that was weaving, crossing the center line and speeding 79 mph in a 65 zone, trooper Christopher Bitz wrote in the criminal complaint. Bitz said Thomson seemed disoriented and produced a receipt when asked for his vehicle registration. Asked if he had any weapons, Thomson mentioned a .357 in the back seat but neglected to mention a 9mm pistol in his back pocket, Bitz said. Thomson had a bag with a small quantity of marijuana in the pocket of his hoodie sweatshirt, Bitz said.

Aha! The old receipt for a registration trick — nice one, fatherbro. Thomson’s breath-alcohol content was a whopping 0.247, three times the 0.08 legal limit, and he has been placed on a cozy-sounding “administrative leave” according to the legal coordinator and director of human resources for the diocese. Is there seriously nothing priests can do to get themselves fired? If this guy had gone on to rob a bank during his drunken spree they probably would have just taken away his TV privileges on top of everything.

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