Alec Baldwin Teaches A Young Boy How To Do His ‘SNL’ Donald Trump Impression

Alec Baldwin has his Donald Trump impersonation down to a science, and he wants to share his process with a younger generation. At the premiere of his new film, Boss Baby, on Monday, Baldwin led a young boy through the phases of his Saturday Night Live performance. From the extravagant hand gestures down to the pouty lips that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on SNL, Baldwin revealed all.

In the above video, which was captured by Twitter user Joanna Preston on the red carpet, we see Baldwin coaching the kid through a proper Trump impression. The youngster seems to get the gist of it, but Baldwin gives him a few pointers, including showing him how to properly flail his arms and make a facial expression like he’s about to bite someone. After the acting lesson, Baldwin congratulated the would-be-impersonator: “You got it!” We may have a future SNL cast member on our hands.

Part of SNL’s recent invigoration is down to Baldwin, as his take on the current president sometimes blurs the line between reality and parody. However, Trump doesn’t appear to be a fan of Baldwin’s impression, as he’s tweeted his distaste about the show and now only refers to the former 30 Rock star as “the Alec Baldwin situation.” However, Trump may receive some good news, as Baldwin said his impression won’t last much longer. Perhaps he’s going to at least pass the torch? We can only hope.

(Via The Hill)