Alec Baldwin Overlooks Charlie Brown’s Inability To Kick A Football To Endorse Him For Prez

Actor, professional handsome man and noted Donald Trump conjurer Alec Baldwin is endorsing a candidate for president. It’s someone that’s faced a steady stream of verbal abuse, some crushing losses and has some unique dance moves. Naturally, we’re talking about Charlie Brown.

Yes, the mightiest of the Baldwins is throwing his support behind America’s most trusted blockhead as part of the Peanuts Rock The Vote campaign. The PSA (which we have nestled above) features Baldwin explaining his admiration for Charlie Brown and uses that as a jumping-off point to get you and your tiny bird friends to vote.

“I met Charlie Brown when I was, well, his age, and I discovered someone who wanted the same things I did, and was as anxious about achieving them as I was,” he cheerfully shared. “If he’s running for President, I’m voting for him.”

B-b-b-but what about his views on capital gains taxes? Why have you been ducking that issue, Chuck?

Each of the Peanuts “candidates” for president has a platform on the site that you can check out. For example, Lucy Van Pelt is a champion of women’s rights, while Sally Brown is pushing for a reduced workweek. Who knew fictional candidates would offer up more appealing platforms than their IRL counterparts? (Note: This viewpoint does not apply to Snoopy who you know is gonna go Joe Cool and blow off his responsibilities six weeks in.)

It’s a fun, smart and inviting way to remind Americans that they can still register to vote. Heck, Alec Baldwin comes across as positively bubbly in the spot, which is always a treat. He’s not the only celebrity teaming up with these world-famous Charles Schulz creations. Aisha Tyler, Eden Sher and George Lopez are among the other talents participating in the campaign.

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