Alessandra Ambrosio Nabbed Some Assistance On A #NoFilter Selfie And Caused An Internet Ruckus

2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway
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Alessandra Ambrosio‘s tenure as a Victoria’s Secret model has spanned over a decade, but she doesn’t hit the press circuit too often. Perhaps her tour to support her role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 will present more opportunities. One can usually spot Ambrosio in commercials, catalogs, signage, and while carting a ridiculously heavy set of Angel wings while strutting down the runway. Otherwise, she generally keeps to herself and doesn’t ruffle any (angel or non-angel) feathers.

Until now, that is. Ambrosio keeps a sultry presence on Instagram where she shares a variety of glam, cheesecake, and candid shots. She’s also been bitten by the selfie bug, and one photo in particular has made rare waves with her legion of followers. This selfie, which appears to be assisted by a minimal amount of makeup, was tagged with #NoFilter. Unfortunately, Ambrosio took the picture in a mirror, and her selfie stick was adorned with (a presumably flattering) assisting light. Here’s the photo evidence.

Naturally, those who follow the strict rules of Instagram (there are no such rules) are a bit upset that Ambrosio is claiming #NoFilter, for filters themselves are a finely tuned orchestration of flattering digital lights. Maybe she’s cheating a bit, but she also gave herself away and left the photo as is (instead of yanking it). This isn’t such a big deal, and even Instagram queen Rihanna has said the first rule of of selfie taking is to “get a good light.” Regardless of such wisdom, Ambrosio’s Instagram comments are full of clipped Angel wings.