Of Course There’s Going To Be An ‘ALF’ Movie

ALF (Alien Life Form) aired on NBC from 1986 to 1990 and followed the adventures of a cat-eating, wise-cracking alien named Gordon Shumway living with the Tanners, a normal family in the suburbs. Since everything is a reboot or a remake or based on a board game or toy franchise now, we’re not surprised by the announcement that ALF is getting a hybrid live-action/CGI movie adaptation. It’s also no coincidence this news comes right after another hybrid live-action/CGI movie, Ted, grossed an unexpected $282 million worldwide so far.

Sony Pictures Animation is developing the ALF movie with Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner and with original ALF creators Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco. The character was originally voiced by Fusco, and he’s expected to voice the CGI film version of the character. That’s right. ALF isn’t going to be a puppet in the movie. I’ve already lost interest. I prefer my aliens with a hand up their butt, thank you very much. Consider it comeuppance for all those probes of our nation’s esteemed farmers.

I’m also curious. Will they be able to pull Max Wright away from the crack and homeless gay sex (allegedly) long enough to film this? Or will they reboot with a younger, hipper Willie Tanner? Maybe one of Will Smith’s kids? Also, any chance we could introduce Max Wright to Randy Travis? The ensuing party would be one for the ages.