A Woman Live-Tweeted Her Son’s Sex-Ed Abstinence Class, And It Was Hilariously Horrifying

“You’ll find a good girl. If you find one that says ‘no,’ that’s the one you want.”

Alice Dreger is an acclaimed author and professor at Northwestern University’s medical school. She wrote Galileo’s Middle Finger, a bioethical book discussing her “activism against surgical ‘correction’ of intersex individuals’ genitalia.” She’s also given a TED talk on human anatomy and why we let it define who we are. In short, Dreger knows her stuff.

On Wednesday, the author attended her son’s sex education class, one focused on abstinence. He wanted to show her how bad it really was.

SPOILER: It was awful.

Dreger live tweeted the whole thing. It’s both hilarious and horrifying, an in-depth look at how you scare the bejeesus out of impressionable teens.

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