Allow Alison Brie To Explain The Difference Between Comedy Butt And Sexy Butt

The Internet’s girlfriend Alison Brie stopped by The Late Late Show to chat with James Corden just ahead of the premiere of her new series GLOW, which premieres on Netflix this Friday (read our review here!), along with Seth Rogen and Will Arnett. As you may be aware, Brie recently got hitched to Rogen’s Neighbors costar Dave Franco, and as she explained, being married to a fellow actor does not come without some basic trials and tribulations — particularly when it comes to filming nude scenes.

Brie and Franco both star in The Little Hours (which also hits theaters in select cities June 30), and when asked what it was like being in a movie where her husband engages in a threesome with two other women, Brie responded sarcastically, “Great. I loved it.”

She continued, elaborating on the double standard:

We obviously have worked for a very long time, and we’ve watched each other do love scenes before, so we’ve had those conversations prior to shooting The Little Hours — I remember when I was shooting Sleeping With Other People and it was my sort of first sex scenes and I was gonna show my butt, and he was kind of like, I don’t know, these scenes are so racy, should you show your butt? I was like, you just showed your butt in a sex scene in Neighbors, and he was like, that’s comedy butt!

For what it’s worth, Rogen enthusiastically took Franco’s side, agreeing, “It is! … Comedy butt is different! Comedy sex is much less awkward.” Brie then reluctantly conceded by saying, “You’re right, it’s really jack-hammering…” and that’s probably all you really need to know on that subject.

On the subject of GLOW, Uproxx attended the premiere this week so make sure to check back for plenty of coverage (including this interview with Brie, Betty Gilpin And Liz Flahive).