Alison Brie's 10 Most Internet Bait-able Moments

Maybe you’ve heard of this Alison Brie person. She’s on Community (Law & Order episode tonight!) and is co-starring in The Five Year Engagement, and I’ve been told we’ve mentioned her around these parts one or twice before. I don’t really get the appeal, but the internet wants what the internet wants, so…

OK, busted. I was trying to play it all cool and nonchalant and hoping Ms. Brie herself would read this and wonder what’s so special about me that I’m not under her spell and then DM because I’m so intriguing and then I’d reluctantly agree to go on a gondola ride with her — but the charade is just too difficult to keep up for more than a single paragraph. I heart her just as hard as the rest of the flunkies around here do. I blame the internet.

She doesn’t use internet bait in the same promotional way Will Ferrell does though, and I doubt it is overly intentional on her part (Dan Harmon is another story). But it just seems to happen. Over and over again. Because it’s fate. Alison Brie and the internet were meant to be together.

Back in 2009 I knew Alison Brie as Trudy Campbell on Mad Men and as “part of the cast of that new show with Joel McHale and Chevy Chase that looks pretty decent,” but after Ufford posted this video portrait at Warming Glow Alison Brie officially became ALISON BRIE.

Back in 2007 when Ms. Brie was still looking for her big break she did a “Santa Baby” dance skit for a low budget “Christmas Idol” comedy web series. Hard to believe but someone on the internet dug it up two years later and people enjoyed watching it.

Annie’s Boobs is Troy’s former pet monkey named via Twitter competition. And even though the naming of the monkey is all on Dan Harmon and the Community writing staff it has given bloggers the web over an excuse discuss “Annie’s Boobs” at an even greater clip. God bless that adorable chimp.

When you’ve got several hundred thousand enchanted Twitter followers it’s pretty easy to gain traction using the hashtag #buttboobies and playing an interactive game of “Cleav or Crack” from the set of your show.

Nothing says good promotion like leaking soapy cheerleader photos a week before your show returns.

Learning the meaning of “bukkake” via Twitter. Good times.


Speaking of girl-on-girl action, GQ threatened to break the internet when they released photos from their Alison Brie-Gillian Jacobs photoshoot. You may have seen it covered on the world wide web.

To close out Season 3 filming Brie and Danny Pudi tweeted out a video of their two man C+C Music Factor cover. People seemed to enjoy it.

Know how you can up the ante on cool from simply doing girl-on-girl photoshoots? Yep, be in an all girl band and cover your co-stars hip hop singles.

I could have simply made this another Alison Brie GIF gallery and it would have gotten the point across, but instead I saved the most important piece of the internet fame puzzle for last. It’s pretty much impossible to deny that the GIF has helped propel Alison Brie to stardom more than any other entertainer ever. Hell, Dan Harmon PLANS THE GIF-ABLE MOMENTS. You can get your fill of the star-making image files here, here, and here. Enjoy. And if I didn’t make it clear earlier, the gondola ride is on me.