All Bow Down To Your New Internet Overlord, A Coat-Wearing Monkey Found In An Ikea

Guys, bring your prime mates close because it’s time to stop monkeying around. Now, I know this might make you go a little bananas, but please restrain yourself, if at all possible, as it’s quite the tail: a monkey was found wearing a coat inside an Ikea in Toronto yesterday, and thus the greatest story of 2012, and sequel idea for Ed, happened with less than three weeks remaining in the year.

According to the Globe and Mail:

A disoriented monkey was found wandering aimlessly outside an Ikea store in North York Sunday.

Dressed in a shearling coat and a diaper, the monkey managed to open its crate, unlock the car door and go for a stroll in the Ikea parking lot – clearly a “smart monkey” for having managed all that, said Toronto Police Staff Sergeant Ed Dzingala.

The monkey was ushered into a corner of the store by Ikea employees and police until animal services arrived. The monkey was unharmed, although it was a bit alarmed with all the attention, police said.

“It was pretty scared. It was a tame monkey,” Sgt. Dzingala said. “Nobody got hurt. The monkey was a little scared, that’s all.”

A city of Toronto spokesman said the monkey is a rhesus macaque, a species that is illegal in Ontario. Steve Johnston said charges were laid against the owner, an offense notice, which has a set fine of $240 for having a prohibited animal in the city. (Via)

An “Ikea Monkey” Twitter account has already popped up…

…as have the first round of memes.

And yet Ikea Monkey contains to sit there, staring out that window, softly humming the melody to “Mad World” to himself. (Actually, he was picked up by Toronto Animal Services last night, and he’s safe and sound…or so they want you to believe. Is a monkey really a monkey without his coat? Take it away, Gary Jules.)

(Via Globe and Mail) (Via Twitter)