All Six Episodes of “Issues” Have Arrived

The last time we wrote about Issues was to post the trailer for the “superheroes in therapy” short films combining live action with animated superheroes who are super messed up.  The show was created for Crackle by Josh Cooke and Matt Oakes, the former of whom played the therapist in each short.
Rob Riggle voices Captain Magnificent, a perverted ersatz Superman trying to find new ways to relieve stress, hitting upon indecent exposure.  Seth Green voices Sidecar, a foul-mouthed version of Robin who wants to go out on his own.  Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) voices K9, a blind superhero who suspects people are just letting him think he saved the day.  Greg Grunberg (Heroes) voices The Dark Kodiak, whose parents were probably mauled by a bear.  Ron Livingston voices The Nothing, who has stayed invisible for too long due to a dark secret. Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie) voices The Incredible Flame, who hates his life almost as much as he hates kids.
All six shorts are after the cut, and every video has a scene after the credits.

From Crackle: Captain Magnificent

From Crackle: Sidecar

From Crackle: K9

From Crackle: The Dark Kodiak

From Crackle: The Nothing

From Crackle: The Incredible Flame

[Videos via CBM]