All The Shattered Glass In 'Total Recall,' Set To 'Shattered' By The Rolling Stones

03.14.12 7 years ago

Serious question: Is Total Recall proving to be the most internet bait-able movie ever? I mean, there’s Arnold’s amazing DVD commentary, the musical, all the GIF-able moments (some NSFW three boob action in there), and unnecessary remake news that’s too interesting not to report.

Just about every Arnold movie ever is practically begging for the internet to toy with it, but Total Recall is REALLY begging for it. Like, Olivia Munn sexting begging for it. And now we have this cut of all the shattered glass from Total Recall set to the Stones’ “Shattered.” Under ninety seconds AND a highly noddable classic rock tune? Count. Me. In. If only they’d figured out a way to work in a Tom Berenger reference.

If it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, early 90’s Sharon Stone has a message for you…

H/T: High Definite. GIF via.

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