Allow Artist Heather Rooney To Blow Your Mind By Drawing The Oscars Selfie

A lot of times in this Internet game, we’re quick to throw around terms of amazement and even endearment about random videos, photoshops or GIFs that people find, because we’re basically like little parakeets that get excited about the shiny things hanging from the mirrors in our cage. That kind of behavior really takes away from the enthusiasm that we show for things that actually deserve to be hyped and praised beyond belief, at least those that showcase an incredible amount of artistic accomplishment and creativity. For example, this video of artist Heather Rooney drawing the selfie that broke Twitter from the 86th Academy Awards.

I can’t remember how many 5-minute videos I’ve watched so far this year or predict how many I’ll end up watching by the time December 31 rolls around, but if this Oscars selfie drawing isn’t in my Top 10 by the year’s end, it’ll either be because we found out that this was somehow faked – thanks for the skepticism, Jimmy Kimmel – or because a lot of really talented and creative people took this as a challenge and stepped their games up in 2014. Best of luck to all those who try.


(Sombrero tip to Dog and Pony Show)