Allow This Couple To Show You How To Dress Up As Walt & Jesse, Make Blue Ice For Halloween


Remember that couple, the Harrisons, who made a video of themselves visiting just about every major Breaking Bad location in Albuquerque on their recent vacation? Well I’ll give you one guess as to what they’re doing for Halloween. (Yeah, well, the title does kind of spoil it, I guess.)

If, by chance, you’re interested in maybe doing something like this yourself, here’s the recipe they used to make the Blue Ice.

And speaking of Breaking Bad, a reader named Brad recently marathon-ed through the first five seasons and had some interesting thoughts he shared in an email, and since we haven’t had any wild Breaking Bad speculation here in a while, I thought I’d share them…

This show is obviously great at planting clues for future developments.

And we know a driving force behind the final episodes will be the tension between Hank and Walt, since Hank now knows that Walt is W.W.

But why wouldn’t Hank just immediately turn in Walt, since Hank is so dedicated to bringing down Heisenberg? Where will the tension come from that causes him to doubt if it is the right thing to do?

The answer lies with two things that have already occured. First after Gus was discovered to have been in charge of the giant meth operation, Hank’s boss was fired because Gus was “right under his nose” the entire time. The show established that missing a criminal who is so close to you is grounds for dismissal. Obviously with Walt’s relation to Walt, this means he’s out of a job if the DEA discovers his own brother-in-law was Heisenberg. Would that still be enough to stop Hank from busting Walt? Maybe, maybe not, but we learned something in the final episode that may make him want to ensure he does not lose his job…

Marie is pregnant. In the final scene in Walt’s back yard, while everyone is “talking about nothing”, Marie is talking about taking pre-natal vitamins “for her hair”. Thats a cover up to hide that she is really trying to get pregnant (or maybe is already). Hank and Marie had to take care of Walt and Skyler’s children for a long time, and Marie has been forthcoming about how much she loves Holly. After all that time watching the kids, she and Hank decided to have a child of their own.

Don’t forget, almost nothing in this show is throw away dialog, its all been written very deliberately. Why have Marie talk about pre-natal vitamins?

So there is the basis for Hank’s internal conflict. He has a child on the way. Losing his job will not only embarass him, and destroy Sklyer and Walt Jr’s life, but it takes away his ability to provide for Marie and his unborn child. Does he turn Walt in or not? Does he try to “blackmail” Walt into giving him money in exchange for not turning him in, even though he has no intention to because it would mean losing his job? Convince him to turn states evidence? Or with the other theory about the wire on Walt in the flash forward, does he even try to claim Walt was working undercover with him the entire time?


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