Alton Brown Makes Dog Treats To Replicate Those Delicious Cat Turds Dogs Love So Much

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04.30.14 6 Comments

As probably anyone who is both a cat owner and dog owner can attest, one of the most frustrating things about living with both species is a dog’s unrelenting passion for spelunking litterboxes, in hopes to find the oh-so-delicious cat butt treasures that lie within.

Dogs are gross.

Alton Brown came up with a sort-of solution for his ridiculously adorable Australian Shepherd, “Sparky” (Aussies are the best dogs), replicating that stankity stank dogs love so much to create the ultimate dog treat. Will it make your dog stop eating cat poop? No, probably not. But I’m sure they’ll win the heart of your favorite pooch who will love you that much more for making them.

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