This Video Horrifyingly Demonstrates Why You Should Always Check Your Shoes In Australia

These days, viral videos tend to fall into one of three major categories — real-world events caught on camera, unintentionally funny happenings of the America’s Funniest Home Videos variety, and utterly horrifying things. The latter is the most populous and worst of the three, usually because it offers bored internet lurkers terrifying footage of gross-out occurrences or example of things from nature that just shouldn’t exist in the first place. Things like what was hiding in Reddit user Modest_Hyperbole’s son’s shoe in Australia.

Yeah, it’s a big ol’ spider, and yes, it was just chilling in some dumb kid’s running shoes. Maybe “dumb” is a stretch, and a little mean, but this is Australia we’re talking about. It’s a land filled with guys who swim with snakes, snakes getting eaten by spiders and terrorist plots involved bomb-laden kangaroos. This country and its people have seen some serious sh*t, so if this kid left his shoes outside over the weekend as Modest_Hyperbole suggests, then he’s dumb.

Like a good father, however, Modest_Hyperbole doesn’t chastise his son (like I am). Instead, he encourages the spider to exit the shoe with some kind of bug repellent and a stick, then turns the incident into a teachable moment. (The video and Reddit post were both titled “Always check your shoes.”)

Had I encountered the same scenario, I would have adopted an alternative tactic — otherwise known as “let’s be Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead and use a rocket launcher.”

(Via Reddit)