‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Inspired Costumes Only Fans Of The Show Will Truly Appreciate

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10.10.12 10 Comments

For every Green Man and McPoyles group costume you’ve seen over the years there are countless other Gang-inspired Halloween options people aren’t taking advantage of. So in case you haven’t already nailed down this year’s look with Robo’s pop culture on a budget collection I’ve gone Sunny mining (with the help of the always resourceful Danger Guerrero and Josh Kurp) for some lesser attempted IASIP costume ideas that only fans of the show will truly appreciate.

Warning: You may wake up wondering if you were the one who knocked up Sweet Dee.

To kick things off, there’s the somewhat obvious Birds of War. Sure, they may have been done last year, but feathers + crudely painted on abs are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

“I didn’t go as Spider-Man. I was Man-Spider. Totally different.”

For my money, Homeless Priest Rickety Cricket is the quintessential Rickety Cricket. Multiple “hips and nips” references required to complete costume.


A Sunny-theme on a budget. Get a short, stocky friend to pick up a pack of magnum condoms for his magnum dong to make it a group effort.

Required: Two shirtless overweight dudes and a ham soaked in rum. Optional: inflatable raft.

“It’s Mantis. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. I got your test results! You’re positive! You’ve got the HIV! Yes, AIDS, big time! You’ve got the AIDS, big time!”

Only the most astute Sunny aficionados will put this one together. Everyone else will be looking for the plumber in red.

Just a really splendid couples costume.

GIFs via Tumblr and Tumblr.

Troll requesting payment of the troll toll optional.

To accurately pull off “The Masterpiece” you’ll need to begin as Riggs and Murtaugh.

Then switch roles (blackface optional).

Find a friend willing to play multiple roles, including a goon who will probably get mistaken for Haymitch.

And a Chief Lazarus (love-making scene also optional).

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