‘Always Sunny’ Multipanes Are The Best

Editorial Director

If there’s a better way to efficiently gear up for tonight’s season 7 premiere of Always Sunny while at work than by reliving the show’s best lines/moments/interactions via image multipanes I’m not aware of it. So for today’s installment of UPROXX’s Always Sunny Week we’ve done a solid for our cubicle-dwelling brethren who can’t experience video or volume with this impressive collection of Sunny consumption.
As always, not every single is a multipane, but you get the idea. Images + Text = Recall + Lulz. It’s really that simple. For instance, I totally forgot how much the tacos line from “The Gang Gets Extreme” slayed me the first go round and it’s been slaying me all over again today. Good times.
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Sources: #Always Sunny & Tumblr

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