Alyssa Milano Brought Up A Valid Point Concerning Kim Kardashian’s Bare Ass Magazine Cover

Alyssa Milano took a break from providing names to starships and raising a kid to Tweet about Kim Kardashian’s ass. You could probably put anyone’s name in front of that statement and it’d be true at this point, but Milano managed to bring up a good point about people with her observation.

As it turns out, Milano shared her own revealing photos a few weeks back and took some flack for it. No, I’m not referring to some sort of bone crushing nude photo session, unless you think breastfeeding is sexy. She posted some photos of her breastfeeding her newborn daughter and people kinda flipped about it according to The Daily Dot. Milano brought it up on Twitter this week:

It’s a good point. We’d probably be going crazy over Alyssa Milano’s breasts getting some exposure on their own, just like everyone has bent over backwards to gander at Kim Kardashian. OK, maybe not exactly the same way, but you get the point hopefully.

Breastfeeding is most likely viewed as a private moment, but where is the line for what is cool to show publicly and what we’d rather not see. This is just a mother and child doing something natural. There was nothing natural about Kim Kardashian, except for maybe her reaction.

The worst bit is that Milano isn’t really alone in this. Facebook banned this lady’s photo of her giving birth on a Pregnancy support page, but had Kim Kardashian’s rump as the trending topic.

I don’t think there should be a call for change or anything like that, but it is a nice point to think about. I’m not surfing around getting my jollies on these kind of photos, but why the double standard? At least it isn’t like that Time magazine cover with the pre-teen going crazy on his mom’s nipple. I say share away and get the men involved too!

And look, she’s already bringing it all back into perspective. Now let’s talk about baseball some more, and Tony Danza.

(Via Daily Dot / Alyssa Milano)