Alyssa Milano Told Craig Ferguson That A Very Real Alyssa Milano Sex Tape Does Indeed Exist

10.31.13 12 Comments

You may recall that recently your childhood crush Alyssa Milano made a sex tape. Well, not really. It was a Funny or Die sex tape, not a real sex tape, sadly. But apparently Alyssa Milano did make a very real sex tape, according to Alyssa Milano.

“Here’s the thing…it was on VHS…before the internet,” Milano told Craig Ferguson last night. “So in my early 20s, whatever, whatever, it’s gone, I burned it.”

Internet, UNITE. If you see an old VHS cassette laying around go ahead and pop it in to a VCR to see if by chance it’s a copy of the Alyssa Milano sex tape. (VCRs are suddenly relevant again!) There’s always hope, right? Until then we’ll always have our imaginations!

(Via Guyism)

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