A Man With Alzheimer’s Stunned His Wife Of 60 Years By Remembering To Buy Her Flowers On Mother’s Day

Melvyn Amrine, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2011, doesn’t remember much about marrying his wife 60 years ago. It’s been hard on Doris, but she gives herself comfort by remembering that the man she loves is still in there. “Even though the mind doesn’t remember everything,” she told CBS Sunday Morning, “the heart remembers.”

She received a stunning reminder of just how true that statement is the day before Mother’s Day, when Melvyn — who normally can’t get around the block on his own — wandered away from their home. When police found him, Melvyn was two miles away, on a mission to uphold a longtime tradition: Melvyn has purchased flowers for his wife every Mother’s Day since the birth of their first child.

With an assist from the police, Melvyn carried on the tradition for another year. If your tear ducts can handle it, CBS has a full report on the heartwarming story: