Just Try And Resist Smiling When This Adorable Three-Year-Old Boy Starts Dancing

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When I was three years old, I believe I was still struggling with tying my shoes and eating food without making a total mess. Young Zhang here is already setting up dance routines and interacting with international action stars. This kid is going to be a heartbreaker when he finally makes it to prom. From Mashable:

Zhang Junhao, a 3-year old from China’s Shandong province, wowed the judges on Amazing Chinese — a show on China’s CCTV similar to America’s Got Talent — with some seriously cute choreography. Armed with a portable speaker system, the toddler performed dances customized to each song on his playlist.

I got kinda excited when I saw Jet Li was involved on the judging panel. Couple it with the kid’s moves and it made for a delightful viewing experience. Hopefully he didn’t have to go back to working on some dust farm in rural China following this appearance.

(Via Drama Fever)

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