‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Trailer Was Announced In The Nerdiest Way Possible

Marc Webb is undeniably a nerd. This is a man who, when told he had to make several sequels to his not-bad first film in one go, immediately decided to build up to the Sinister Six. But apparently he didn’t feel that was quite enough for his nerd cred, as a recent tweet about Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows.

Specifically, Marc Webb had to announce what movie the first trailer would be attached to. So, he saw the movie, sat down, and announced it this way:

Yes, those are Elvish runes. Yes, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer will be tagged to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. How’d you guess? My Elvish is rusty (well, nonexistent), but I’m guessing he mentions that said Hobbit movie arrives December 13th.

Personally, I’ll be curious to see some finished footage. Webb seems a bit more enthusiastic about this go-round, and now that he’s free of the odd constraints of big-budget superhero movies, where the first movie always has to be about the origin story, he can really cut loose. In fact we’re going to see a lot of villains in the next movie, albeit largely in their street clothes: The cast features Jamie Foxx as Electro, Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn with Chris Cooper as dear old schizophrenic Dad, and Paul Giamatti in a brief role as the Rhino before he gets stuffed into that costume.

Not to mention we learn more about Peter’s parents, which the movie left as a loose end, and Colm Feore and B.J. Novak are in the movie. While we don’t know what roles, we do know you don’t call those guys in to play Office Worker #2. So, yeah, it’s kind of exciting. Let’s just not see the triumphant return of the Kangaroo, OK?