Amazon And Steam Both Want All Your Video Game Money This Week

Hey, were you hoping to save a few dollars over the holidays? Maybe hold off on any gaming purchases until you got a sense of your gifts and how long you’re going to stay in a gaming hole? Amazon and Steam would like to break your resolve over their knee and take you for all you’re worth with their video game sales.

First up, the Steam Holiday Sale. We all know the drill: Valve starts the sales at 33% and starts cutting prices willy-nilly from there. As of this writing, Monaco is $3, BioShock Infinite is $10, Dishonored is $7.50, and those are just the deals going away at 1pm EST. This being Steam, pretty much everything is cheap right now: If you really want to relive the disappointment of Spore, you can do that for $5, for example.

Meanwhile, Amazon has decided to try and get some of your cash as well. Amazon, though, is focusing more on bundles. For example, both Borderlands games are $12, all three BioShocks are $15, you can get both Manhunt games for $3, and so on.

But if that doesn’t do it for you, you can just browse the 1,334 games they’ve got on sale. Yes, they’ve got a lot of games on sale. Kind of the whole idea. Also, certain purchases will entitle you to $5 off Amazon’s games of the year.

In short, you will be able to stock up on games right before the holidays. And then immediately forget about them as new games come out that you want to play. It’s the circle of life!