People Are Reacting To The News Of Amazon Buying Whole Foods With Lots And Lots Of Jokes

In case you somehow haven’t yet heard the news, on Friday morning it was reported that Amazon is going to spend in the market of $14 billion dollars to buy out Whole Foods. What this means for the future of the company known for over-the-top, ridiculous indulgences such as “asparagus water” and pre-peeled oranges remains to be seen, but given the current state of Whole Foods sales, there are likely big changes on the horizon.

While this could mean getting your asparagus water delivered to your front door (a service which is actually already provided by the rival startup Instacart, putting that partnership in jeopardy), Bloomberg reports that the deal actually has more to do with Amazon looking to acquire a distribution network for groceries. Either way, this news comes hot on the heels of Amazon setting their sights on Walmart’s customers by providing Prime discounts to low-income families, so the company clearly has something up its sleeve.

Regardless, with the grocery chain’s reputation for overpriced extravagance already in decline, people are not exactly mourning the beginning of the end of Whole Foods as we know it. Shortly after the news broke, Twitter exploded with reactions, as “Whole Foods” immediately became the number one trending topic. And the jokes are coming in hard and fast.

A lot of people also understandably had the same joke: