An Amazon Delivery Driver’s Weight-Loss Story Is Something Literally Straight Out Of ‘Nathan For You’

Comedy Central

On Monday, Amazon‘s official PR account @AmazonNews shared a link to a story from September about Jackie Crow, a delivery driver who apparently lost 100 pounds in 18 months thanks to the job’s rigorous schedule. “Amazon Flex allowed this woman to lose 100 lbs in 18 months by creating a workout while delivery packages,” the tweet declared. As many were quick to point out, however, the story sounds like something out of an episode of Nathan For You — because it is.

In “The Movement,” the third episode of Nathan For You‘s third season, Nathan tries to convince the owner of a moving company to cut costs by doing away with paid employees and transforming the business into a workout regimen. “The guys are getting a great workout,” the owner said of his employees, whom he admitted were one of his highest costs. “They’re always getting a great workout.” Hence Nathan’s not-serious solution: “turn the job of moving into America’s next fitness craze.”

It’s one of the many insane things that Fielder tried to convince (or, sometimes, actually did convince) Nathan For You‘s marks to do, though all for the purpose of satire. Amazon’s promotion of Crow’s story from Kansas City, however, is real life. Hence the many critical reactions the offending tweet received from many on Twitter, including Fielder himself.

Check out the full “The Movement” segment from Nathan For You below.