Amazon's Game Console Will Debut On Wednesday

When we last checked in with Amazon’s set-top box/streaming games doohickey, we were reporting on rumors that it was a dongle you might want to lovingly slide into the first available port on your TV. Well, it looks like we might know all about it as soon as Wednesday.

To recap, Amazon was first rumored to be making another damn Android console. Then it turned out that, instead, Amazon wanted to make streaming PC games happen. That was a lot more interesting. And now it looks like we’ll find out for sure on Wednesday, according to the Verge:

The company has sent out invites for an event in New York at 11:00AM ET on Wednesday, April 2nd that promises to offer an “update for our video business.” Amazon has long been rumored to be working on a set-top box for the living room to compete with the likes of the Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku’s popular streaming boxes.

Why, you might wonder, would Amazon try to launch its very own OnLive? To give it an advantage in streaming video. Game consoles and established boxes such as the Roku pretty much own the space, so Amazon needs to compete, and streaming games would give it an advantage. Provided, of course, said streaming actually works: The lag might be a pretty severe issue.

Either way, we’ll find out Wednesday. Keep an eye out here, as we’ll have all the details.