Amber Rose’s Assistant Just Created The Most Ridiculous GoFundMe In The History of Everything

The contest for who can create the craziest GoFundMe campaign ever has ended with Amber Rose’s assistant the clear winner.

Benji Carlisle — glamorously known as Benji Icon — is desperately seeking $100 million to — wait for it — “protect his energy.” It seems like the 26-year-old is no longer working with Amber Rose as her right-hand man and is in need of a place to stay, as well as a job since UPS apparently isn’t hiring.

On his GoFundMe page, Benji writes that he’s “homeless in general” and that he’s “protecting [his] energy and continuing to spread it.” What’s even more bizarre is the Christ-like image the eccentric assistant uses for his crazy cause. The odd image features the long-haired Benji sporting a crown of thorns while blood leaks down his forehead:

In a lengthy Instagram post appealing to the hearts of his nearly 100,000 Instagram followers and “healers,” the self-proclaimed tomgirl reveals he’s been homeless for the past seven days and needs help keeping his energy flowing.

“I’ve been homeless and jobless for 7 days. I’m homeless in many ways. You can only imagine how I’m surviving. You know my energy, you see me energy, you feel my energy. If you have ever met me in person, you know what time it is. I need my energy protected and flowing at all times. Everybody that SUPPORTS my energy, spread it. First of many kind, in all aspects. ICON. A fire has been lit, and the flames are motherf*cking roaring [fire emojis].”

Benji also writes that his $100 million goal doesn’t mean that’s what he’s hoping to raise because what’s more important is that he needs to “protect his energy,” writing, “I don’t have a particular goal I’m trying to raise, there’s no limits for me. Just know that every time you think of me, I’m in need. It’s real! Protect my energy, EMBED my energy, spread my ENERGY.”

So far, Benji has raised $65 by three protectors of energy.