Amber Rose Went On A ‘Walk Of No Shame’ To Combat ‘Slut Shaming’

One of our worse social double standards is the so-called “walk of shame.” It’s awesome, bro, when a man returns home the next morning wearing the same clothes he did the night before, but when a woman does it, with her high heels in hand? “Oh my god, what a slut.”

We should be proud — you go, girl, for having sex — but instead, they’re routinely slut-shamed, and Amber Rose, who’s hosting her very own Slut Walk in Los Angeles, has had enough. She teamed up with Funny or Die to imagine a world in which women are celebrated for having a one night stand. There’s even a cameo from Orange Is the New Black‘s Matt McGorry, who wrote on Facebook, “This video is not encouraging women or other genders to be ‘promiscuous,’ it’s encouraging a society where we don’t judge women and call them ‘hoes’ for the same reason that we’d give a guy a pat on the back and call them a ‘pimp.’ You don’t have to want one night stands for yourself to honor and respect a(nother) women’s choice to.”

For more information on the Slut Walk, which fights against “sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labeling, and gender inequality,” check out the website here.