What’s Going On With This Strange Photo Of An Abandoned Hotel?

Some of the creepiest and most everlasting mysteries known to man have come from off-the-cuff camera shots in isolated places. The Loch Ness Monster is still being debated as either a giant sea creature or maybe just a cat. Bipedal humanoids Bigfoot and Goatman may or may not be living in the woods somewhere, and it was all because of a single picture of each of them. A whim.

Now, another creepy location is host to another horror in the making. Redditor Srslytho decided to spend some of his free time taking pictures of an abandoned hotel in the ghost town of Amboy, California and made a gruesome discovery:

“I shot an old fenced off motel in the ghost town of Amboy CA. I noticed later that one room looks to have blood spatter on the walls.”

You can see what looks to be “blood splatters” in the room on the far right of the frame.

But the gore looks almost too perfect, or too fresh. While one Reddit commenter backed up the freakiness of the discovery:

“I live not far from here and all the stories about this place are creepy as hell.”

Another commenter astutely pointed out that the ‘blood’ looks too red and too perfect. Unless, of course, it’s fresh. I hope not. Could this be a hoax? Or did the photographer stumble upon an art project? Or is there something more sinister brewing?

And if you need to know more, you can read about a bunch of scary movie cliches and other weird instances from Amboy in the Reddit thread.

(Via Metro & Reddit)

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