American Apparel Has Hired A 62-Year-Old Underwear Model

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02.03.14 6 Comments

In an attempt to appeal to the booming hipster grandma market, and to get us to stop talking about this, American Apparel has picked 62-year-old Jacky O’Shaughnessy as their newest underwear model. It’s her face you’ll be seeing plastered in alt-weeklies, and in that part of the mall you’re afraid to spend too long in, before the cool kids make fun of your fanny pack. (Fast-forward a week: AA begins selling fanny packs.)

O’Shaughnessy has been working for the label since 2011, after a company official chanced upon her in New York two years ago. In her first ad campaign, which came out in 2012, O’Shaughnessy was seen fully clothed, promoting sportswear separates. However, the new campaign for the lingerie line has her wearing just a bandeau bra and high-waist panties. (Via)

It’s like American Apparel has it out for Woody Allen, first for using his likeness without permission, and now by hooking up with a female who’s almost his age.

Via IB Times

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