Charles Ramsey Says That His Sudden Fame Has Made It Hard For Him To Hold Down A Job

07.16.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

(via Getty Image)

You all remember Charles Ramsey, right? He’s the guy who spotted those kidnapped young women in Ohio and rescued them. And, of course, his post-rescue interviews were legendary.

Well fast forward two months and Ramsey says he’s homeless and jobless because people keep coming up to him at work and asking for pictures. The interview where Ramsey explains his situation is sort of confusing as they discuss where Ramsey’s money went and if he actually got a reward or not. I hope someone comes through and gives this guy some money. At least he has his lifetime burgers.

One word of wisdom: “Only a fool and his money parts. Money moves fast if you have bills.” Listen to this man, people.

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