All The ‘American Horror Story’ Connections You May Have Missed

(Minor spoilers from each AHS season.)

All five seasons of American Horror Story have offered a great variety of locales and characters. We’ve seen aliens, witches, and enough grisly character deaths to rival Game of Thrones. But the casual watcher might have missed that each season exists in the same universe. Yes, in Ryan Murphy‘s mind, there’s a world out there with a house filled with ghosts, a demon-frequented asylum, and many other heinous haunts. I like to think that the Glee cast lives there just the same.

American Horror Story: Hotel, the most vile show on television, recently revealed how it’s related to Murder House, but have you caught every little connection throughout the series run? In Freak Show, we found out how Pepper, a resident of Asylum who went through a lot of awfulness, had come to stay at the institution. But there have been a lot more subtler interconnectedness that can only be found in multiple viewings. The more you watch, the more you’ll find, but I’m guessing the more you’ll get sad and demented. So, we did the heavy lifting for you and found how all the seasons are related.

What connections between seasons have you found? And what more connections do you think we’ll find in the rest of Hotel and the next season Murphy has up his twisted sleeve?