America’s Most Recognizable Movie Trailer Voiceover Artists Embark On An Epic Journey, In A Limo

Don LaFontaine, John Leader, Nick Tate, Mark Elliot, and Al Chalk are five of the most recognizable men in Hollywood, though if you saw them walking down the street, you’d probably keep your kids far away. The quintet are five of the top voiceover artists in the business, specifically for movie trailers and commercials. If you’ve ever heard the words, “In a world without…” or “Coming this fall…,” they were likely spoken by one of the men listed above. A video of the group in a limo together is making the rounds today, via Reddit, taken from a 1997 introduction for the Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards broadcast, which is apparently a thing.

In a world without Leader and Chalk, who would tell us about the adventures of Beef ChunkCake, IV in Die, Then Die Again, Then Die For a Third Time? Probably some other guy, but Tate did the trailer for Jurassic Park, so he wins. RIP LaFontaine.

(Via Reddit)