Wingnuts Attack Olive Garden & Red Lobster On Facebook For 86ing French Fries From Kid’s Menus

09.16.11 10 Comments

For as long as there have been first ladies in the United States, first ladies have had pet projects they devote their time and energy to. For Laura Bush it was education. For Barbara Bush it was literacy. For Nancy Reagan it was the war on drugs. Etc. And so on and so on.
So Michelle Obama’s thing has been fighting obesity, specifically childhood obesity — a real, genuine problem here in the U.S. Of course, any and all action she has taken in this regard has sparked hysteria from the tea party wing of the Republican party who are convinced every little thing the Obamas do is all part of their secret Muslim/communist plot to destroy America. You may recall multiple times where Sarah Palin, the Glen Rice-banging Alaskan squawkbox, has mocked and ridiculed Michelle Obama’s efforts in the press, even going so far as to travel to Iowa to eat fried butter in some bizarre, retarded show of defiance.
So when it was announced yesterday that Olive Garden and Red Lobster, two dens of culinary mediocrity impossibly beloved by “real Americans,” are cutting french fries from their children’s menus — in addition to cutting calories and sodium on all menu items — in response to the first lady’s efforts, America’s slovenly dullards were aghast, inspiring them to fire up Internet Explorer via their trusty AOL dial-up to express their smoldering disgust in comically stupid ways on the restaurants’ Facebook page walls, like this guy did on the Olive Garden’s

I can’t believe that a noble American establishment like Olive Garden … would bow to the federalist pressure of an insurgent President’s wife. There’s nothing more American than French Fries! … I pulled all six of my children out of grade school the very moment the government stopped serving fried foods. Who does the president think he is to dictator what my kids should and should not eat? They love french fries and chicken nugget…

Oh, it gets better. After the jump are a few screengrabs of further “DON’T TREAD ON ME!” idiocy. Enjoy.

I guess they’ll just have to all go to Freedom Fries to get their Freedom Fries?
Thanks for the tip, Matt!
(Freedom fries pic via Flickr.)

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