'Among The Sleep' Gets A Pants-Crappingly Terrifying New Trailer

Among The Sleep is a survival horror video game where you play a toddler in his jam-jams, and you’re up against eight-foot-tall monstrosities with glowing eyes. Yeah, if that doesn’t sound scary enough… here’s a trailer!

Specifically, it’s gameplay footage showing just how tricky the game can be. And yes, it gets creepy fast:

Among The Sleep is shaping up to be a fairly disturbing game. When we played the alpha last year, it was a surprisingly atmospheric and disturbing game, and it didn’t even have any monsters, just a series of puzzles. The game seems to have kept its simple to grasp but tough to beat puzzle design as well; that bottle puzzle the player botches is pretty indicative of what the game itself is actually like when I tried it out.

Oh, and, of course, this is coming with support for the Oculus Rift, because apparently Killbrite won’t be happy until they have actually reduced all their players to the primal state of a toddler. Now, of course, it’s just a question of flooding YouTube with reaction videos. We’re sure the Internet will oblige.