Amy Poehler Answers Tumblr's Questions, Reveals The Easiest Way To Make Will Arnett Cry

Editorial Director

A few weeks ago Tumblr asked their users to submit questions to Amy Poehler, GIF connoisseur, for her upcoming talk with 92nd Street Y. Over 600+ questions were received, and — as Tumblr Editor-In-Chief Chris Mohney notes — they had to be slightly pared down:

“As you can imagine, Amy couldn’t answer them all — so we put together a dozen of the best, and they only had time to ask four, and here we have the best three questions of those.”

The important thing is “What’s the easiest way to make Will Arnett cry?” was asked and answered honestly. I won’t spoil the answer but I will say it does not in fact involve the love of his hermano.

In other spoilerific news Amy Poehler’s new favorite jam is Usher’s “Climax” and she may or may not have dropped a Percocet prior to taking the stage. Enjoy.

Via Tumblr Storyboard

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